For all those guys who are looking to pick up girls and have company, there is no need to shell out dollars to so-called pickup experts. Just read this guide and get going.

1. The right place and time

The right place and time

As they say at you must know the right place and time to pick up a girl. Your attempt to pick up a girl who is out shopping or carrying out a chore is not going to succeed because she has other things on her mind.

A party is a good bet because the lady is here to have fun and expects to meet guys and enjoy their company. A café or bar is the place to consider.

Some girls have the afternoon free and are looking to pass the time while others let down their hair at night, which could be the better time for a pickup to work.

2. It’s about you

it’s about you

Your intellect does matter but that comes afterward. First is the vital matter of making contact.

For this to happen you must appear attractive from the female’s perspective. Remember the peacock.

Exude confidence yet appear relaxed and at ease. A nervous fidgety guy just won’t make the cut.

Dress well and take particular care of your face, hair, and mustache.

Don’t try to put on an act. Be natural. Women have good intuitive powers.

3. Contact


It starts with the eyes. For a woman to respond, she must first be instinctively attracted to you. It shows in the eyes. If you look at a woman and she looks right back at you and maintains eye contact,

Smile. Do not look away. This is your signal that you are interested and like her. If she smiles, it is her way of saying you are welcome to approach her. Do so. Take cues from her body language such as frequent glancing at you, touching her hair and so on.

Say hi and set the ball rolling. Say anything, about the party, the food, the lights, the music…anything that will get a conversation going. Jokes are a great way to break the ice but do not make fun of her.

Offer a drink, get her some food and induce her to dance with you.

One thing leads to another and you can ask for a date or, be a fast worker and suggest that the two of you go out together immediately.

You could just forget about going to all the trouble and, instead, call Toronto escorts to provide company for the party. Even the escort could prove to be far more interesting than the girls at the party.

4. Intellect and wordplay

Intellect and wordplay

Assuming you have broken the ice and get chatting this is where you use your intellect in a subtle fashion, not like a hammer, to show her that you have brains in addition to looks.

Get into a conversation which is all about her because this is what women like but one must take to not be overly focused on her dress, hair or weight. You could be oblique like saying how much you love being in her company.

Is the conversation flowing? Are there awkward silences? Avoid this trap and have questions that will keep her talking about what interests her.

5. Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Askmen’s dating section has this advice: Start with plain janes. They need more attention. The more glamorous women are actually trying to avoid being pestered all the time.

This gives you practice such as not falling all over yourself to please her and acting just a bit disinterested and then knowing what she is thinking.

Practice makes you perfect.

6. Do not fear rejection

Do not fear rejection

It would be grossly presumptuous to assume that a woman is single and free. She may be married or already have a boyfriend and you are likely to be rejected despite your best attempts.

Conversely, even if she has a boyfriend, she could be looking for something different so there is no harm in trying.

Do not shrink into your shell when rejected. Laugh it off and have another go. Calgary movers

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