WWIII Has Started ! Shocking Footage From Donbass Ukraine You’ll Never See...

WWIII Has Started ! Shocking Footage From Donbass Ukraine You’ll Never See On Your Fake News!



Don’t watch the video if you’re easily upset.  It shows real people in the battlefield.  Jim Dean of VeteransToday recommended it and it is an excellent piece of work with English Sub Titles that give you a small glimpse of the hell these good people of Ukraine have been put through!  The US is serving satan in this war!    All this killing and for what?  Just to rape and pillage another country and leave it destroyed when our proxy army leaves.  This is disgusting and I’m truly ashamed of my country that paid $5 Billion to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine and then started this war.  VeteransToday has already reported that many American mercenaries have been found among the dead along with many American weapons.  This will only stop when all of us stand up and say “Not In My Name!”

I don’t support this war or any other the US is involved in at this time.  They’re all disgusting and they never tell us ANY truth about them on our fake news.  Watch the video and tell me you’re proud to be an American when this satanic action is done in your name.   We are behind the evil army that is doing this.  They want to send even more weapons to get this war going yet again!  Spread the truth everywhere you can and never stop!  No American supports another war!  This is INSANE!

Our government is a bunch of criminal war mongers.    I love the people on this video.  They are fighting for the home and their land!  The same thing ALL of you would do in the same position!   God bless these poor people.  I Let’s pray that peace comes to Ukraine and that the criminals in the US don’t get their wish for more war.   This is why all of you must spread the truth even more than ever before!  Tell the world what’s going on in Ukraine!  Watch this video and you’ll never be the same.  This isn’t a movie, this is REAL LIFE!


Please Reference:

America’s Ethnic Cleansing Attempt in Donbass – Documentary

by Jim W Dean

The Hamas “rockets” look like firecrackers compared to what the Ukie military has inflicted on these civilians

Source : www.veteranstoday.com