Warning: Extremely Graphic Fukushima 2015 mutated baby

Warning: Extremely Graphic Fukushima 2015 mutated baby


Please be warned. This is the most disturbing Fukushima update I have posted to date. Warning: Extremely Graphic.

Gov’t Sets Targets to Raise Birthrate in Japan
Mar. 14, 2015
The Japanese government has drawn up proposed guidelines aimed at reversing the declining birthrate.
The report spells out plans to increase the percentage of men taking paternity leave immediately after the birth of a child. The target is 80 percent by 2020.
The draft says Japan’s shrinking number of children poses a critical situation that threatens to shake its socio-economic foundations.

The government plans sweeping reviews of systems and institutions and to implement measures over the next 5 years.

Other plans include increasing the percentage of men taking childcare leave to 13 percent.
As for women, the government wants at least 55 percent of working women to remain on their jobs after the birth of their first child.

The draft calls for assistance measures for families with 3 or more children, by expanding free nursery school care for the third child.

The government plans to support efforts by municipal governments that encourage residents to find marriage partners.

The guidelines are issued every 5 years. The Cabinet is expected to approve the current draft in late March.


Source : Youtube