VIDEO – The accident Jules Bianchi filmed by an amateur

VIDEO – The accident Jules Bianchi filmed by an amateur




The images are chilling. The shock is incredibly violent. While no official video had been aired Sunday, October 5 after the terrible accident Jules Bianchi, 25, at the Japanese Grand Prix Formula 1, an amateur was able to film the scene, in a direction opposite that angle offered in fixed plane before. Posted on the YouTube site sharing, the document was unpublished few minutes later, at the request of the company Formula One Management (see below). But many users have found the flaw so images reappear.

While a technician is working around the crane came to remove the Sauber of German Adrian Suttil, overrun in the previous round of the French Marussia tumbling at full speed, fits under the hoist before to stop his run a few centimeters away (1 minute 11 on the video). Bleeding hearts, attention.

Formula One Management did not broadcast images of the accident

This is the first time that images of the accident itself appear. The company Formula One Management (FOM), based in London and still run by Bernie Ecclestone, is in possession of other images, but it has not disclosed. This is the usual procedure in case of a serious accident, to protect the families and loved ones, and especially to avoid drift, in the era of YouTube and social networks.

FOM owns the commercial rights to F1 and the product distributed to clients channels TV images. It was she who so chooses images and exerts strict control of everything that is broadcast. When the pilot is doing well, generally the pictures come a few days later.