Rihanna Cocaine Video – Oops i did it again!

Rihanna Cocaine Video – Oops i did it again!



Was Rihanna sniffing cocaine in the video? Oh yes, and it’s not the first she used coke. A good friend of Rihanna (27) has recorded how the princes of the Illuminati and her friends prepare for the festival Coachella.

The video shows how the ladies have fun with each other; they dance, they laugh and … there seems to be drugs in the game.

In the movie you vaguely can see how Rihanna was retiring at the table and then pinches her nose. The images are somewhat unclear, but according to many people it is clear to see: Rihanna sniffs cocaine.

Rihanna Cocaine Video

I think an artist should give an example, you have a big responsibility. What you do, what you say reflects to your fans. Good example: Is the East side-West side war created by young hip-hoppers, street thugs who all forgot the true hip-hop.

Rihanna’s braindead fans will deny everything, in this video:

Rihanna snorting coke video

The singer gives in an angry response that she hasn’t use cocaine, but she claims that on that particular evening they only used joints. “

Rihanna the booty shaking baphomet bed bug bacteria infested bimbo babylonian blasphemous blood-sucking beastly bottom feeding birdbrain bohemian blister Illuminati-Lip sinking Herpes spreading human insult said: “Any fool can see that i am holding joint, I made with a cigarette!

Really Rihanna, Who sniffs tobacco ?!”

By the way, the headline is “Rihanna Slams the Cocaine Rumors After Video Goes Viral” is quite adorable. It should be “Rihanna Slams her head After Video Goes Viral”

Remember: Rihanna puts cocaine on her bodyguard’s head (2012)

In the picture you can see how Rihanna puts a cocaine on the bald head of her bodyguard, meet her bodyguard Snowie. Within a few minutes the reactions of outraged fans flooded throughout the internet.

Rihanna cocaine bodyguard 2014
Rihanna cocaine bodyguard 2014

My opinion: We should sue her based on 42 U.S. Code ยง 12210 – Illegal use of drugs. Share your thoughts below.

Source: Lionsground.com