I’m an NSA Insider, and wow, do I have a story to...

I’m an NSA Insider, and wow, do I have a story to tell


My name is Greg Hansen, I’m a recovering NSA Insider.After spending some time with the site management, I was given permission to post links to my book again, more about that in a bit. But first, I was urged to give you a new introduction, with a little more detail.

Below is a short bio covering my last few years.

Until I was kicked off Leidos’s NANA contract I was a Senior Scientist with Leidos; San Antonio, TX (2004 – 2014)
I coordinated with the NSA site coordinator for cyber command in the development of conceptual process strategies for cross-agency collaboration for Cyber Intelligence Preparation of the Environment (CIPE) planning.
Notable Achievements:

Developed highly interactive analytical tool in 3 months with only 1 additional team member. Launch of live system attracted 300 users from multiple Intelligence Agencies and was recognized by DIRNSA for thwarting several cyber-attacks.

Saved millions in workforce expenses by reducing the need for 10 full time employees for project execution to less than 2.

Increased productivity more than 400% by automating rote analytical process with the adoption of programmatic interfaces to NSA software tools.

Received 2 Gold Standard Awards for outstanding cyber-intrusion work.

Recognized as Subject Matter Expert for system performance analysis of Technical SIGINT Information Factory (TSIF) modeling and simulation.

Prior to that I owned my own company Computer Aided Process Improvement (CAPI); Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (1993 – 2004)
I delivered consulting services to US Government entities and private commercial clients to increase organizational performance improve responsiveness to end users and clients and reduce operational costs. Accountable for annual budget oversight of $3M+. Major contracts included the National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO), National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST), Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS), Johnson & Johnson, LexisNexis, Veteran’s Benefits Administration, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Constellation Brands and United States Postal Service.

Prior to that (going way back now) I worked at the SEI where I managed the process modeling and simulation projects.

In The Crosshairs: How I Became the Target of an NSA Power Struggle

While there are a few books published by NSA insiders there are none that that describe the internal squabbling that permeates the agency and the impact of the NSA culture on the Intelligence Community. It contains all the elements of a good spy novel – backroom politics, misappropriated funds, dubious contracting practices, scandals, guerrilla warfare, hostile takeovers and personal vendettas. One person who witnessed the events described in the book said, “I really think thrill seekers, conspiracy theorists, and generally hardworking Americans will want to read this—it’s shrouded in so much mystery, people are craving any insight.”