New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Teaser: Tom Hardy Likes the Cars That...

New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Teaser: Tom Hardy Likes the Cars That Go Boom


One of the most talked-about moments at this weekend’s Comic-Con was the panel for Mad Max: Fury Road, the desert-dystopia adventure starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and approximately 4.2 million grains of sand. Footage from the latest installment (which, like the previous Max flicks, was directed by George Miller) wowed even the most jaded Con-goers — and now, thanks to this first-look teaser, those of us who couldn’t make it to Hall H can get a look at what made attendees go so mad.

Here’s what you’ll gets: Lots of gloomy, zooming post-apocalyptic autos; a short-cropped, short-tempered Theron; dozens of road-warrior savages; and Hardy, looking ragged and ravaged, and ready to take on the world — or what’s left of it. “My name is Max,” he intones at the beginning of the clip. “My world is fire and blood.” (He forgot to mention all the skulls. So much skull imagery! It’s like someone read Glenn Danzig’s dream-journal.)

Here’s what you won’t get: Zippy one-liners. “There aren’t many words spoken in this movie,” Miller told the Comic-Con crowd Saturday. “People only speak when they have to.” Instead, get prepared for lots of cars and carnage in this “western on wheels.” As Miller said: “I wanted to make the film one extended chase.” We’ll have to wait until next summer — May 15, to be exact — to see where this Road takes us.