Former NASA Astronaut: Aliens know where to find us

Former NASA Astronaut: Aliens know where to find us


Former NASA Astronaut: Aliens know where to find us

If there is intelligent life out there, it will probably find us before we find them. That is what former astronaut John Grunsfeld said last week when talking about the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. Grunsfeld implies that aliens could detect our presence from their location in the universe by detecting changes that we humans, caused in the environment of the Earth.

‘We put atmospheric signatures that guarantee someone with a large telescope 20 light years away could detect us,’ said Grunsfeld at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago.

Even though the likelihood that aliens look like “humans” is very low, we cannot say much about the matter since we are unsure about just how life might look elsewhere.

Today, scientists are focusing on Earth-like planets elsewhere in the cosmos, but why? How do we know that extraterrestrial life needs similar elements like humans? Maybe life on other planets in the universe has developed in a totally different way than on Earth. Maybe “they” do not need water and oxygen.

Astronomers have found hundreds of planets that are similar to Earth; they rotate around their star, display a day-night cycle just like Earth, have water and even possibly oxygen. So what are the chances of finding life, or intelligent life?

Planets with potential oceans could have a climate that is much more similar to Earth’s than previously expected,’ said Jérémy Leconte, a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) at the University of Toronto.

‘If we are correct, there is no permanent, cold night side on exoplanets causing water to remain trapped in a gigantic ice sheet,’ he said.

In April of 2015, Ellen Stofan, scientific director at NASA said that we will find alien life in the near future, with each newly found exoplanet with similar conditions to that on Earth, the odds increase. Grunsfeld statement balances the scales and put a mark of humility by recognizing that we might not be the only ones trying to confirm that we are not alone in the cosmos, and, moreover, we could be the last to know that.

So what do you think is more likely? Extraterrestrial beings finding us, or we finding them?

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