MmmmmK3 Goodness

MmmmmK3 Goodness


Wet MK3

The Supra, Toyota’s legend of a beast has been terrorising streets and tracks around the world for many years. The most popular Supra chassis by far, the MK4 or JZA80, comes stock with the mighty God of a 3 litre engine, the 2JZG(T)E. The lesser known and the one we have pictured here is the MKIII which has the presence of a luxurious gran tourer 80′s car.

They’re heavy in stock form and the top model came packed with the 7MGTE, an engine that is known for blowing head-gaskets and cracking heads. Whilst the 7M has great potential on its own the aforementioned 2JZ is quite the popular drop in swap with the ability to make in excess of 500hp without cracking the engine open.

The car pictured belongs to a Trinidad local that goes by the name of “Moose” and my oh my has he done well in bringing the car up to modern styling. With low offset Advan RC3′s reps from the guys over at and a paint job to die for. You can bet your bottom dollar the next time this beauty makes an appearance I’ll grab as much samples of her beauty as possible.

Here she is pictured before paint at the AutoSport’s Drag & Time Attack II event covered before in August.