Latest UFO Sighting: NASA Camera Captures Circular Glowing UFO Outside International Space...

Latest UFO Sighting: NASA Camera Captures Circular Glowing UFO Outside International Space Station For The Third Time



An unidentified flying object, or UFO, was sighted near the International Space Station on Sept. 21.The Space Station is in decaying orbit about 261 miles or 420 kilometres above the Earth.

The UFO was spotted in a video (below) that was posted on YouTube by user Streetcap1 who calls himself an “ufologist.” It was captured by a liveNASA space station camera. In the video, a circular glowing light can be seen floating over as the space station made its orbit around the Earth.

The New York Daily News reported that in the month of August, white UFOs like this have been spotted several times near the space station. This is the third time the mysterious craft spotted near the International Space Station was caught on camera.

Three videos by UFO watchers were taken while watching live footage of the International Space Station. On Aug. 4, Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said he saw what appeared to be like a glowing disk. According to Huston Chronicle, on Aug. 4, several balls of white light were seen by UFO enthusiasts who were watching NASA‘s live webcam.

With regard to the video, Waring wrote wrote on his website that he had taken a screenshot of the UFO from the video. He then enlarged it, only to find that it had a long line down its middle and a dome on its top. The lower bottom, however, was rectangular, he described.

Half way through the video, as the object seems to get nearer and nearer, the camera goes blank. A blue screen appears making it all the more exciting for believers.

One YouTube user, whotookmymojo, commented that it was really “neat” that Waring was able to capture the blue screen as the object got closer. “You can almost imagine that the sensors are saying, ‘oh-no not another’,” the user added.

Some of them even commented that the video makes it clear that NASA is guilty of hiding the truth. While some users appreciated the video and Waring’s keen eye, skeptics stated it was blurry.

Waring posted another video captured by Streetcap1. That video shows a white light glowing above the Earth’s domed atmosphere on Aug. 7. The white light seemed to glow and disappear slowly and steadily.

The third video posted by Streetcap 1 shows a glowing cluster of white lights that appear like dots over the edge of the space station. The cluster of dots, four in number, fade away completely after a minute.

According to Waring, 20 percent of the UFOs that have been recorded around the world are white glowing balls of light. Many people who believe in these sightings are excited, while sceptics and non believers continue to speculate on whether the captured object is space junk floating near the space station.

While some like to believe and convince themselves there is life out there in space, others try to give logical explanations. The truth, however, is still not known.