January 2015 “Signs Of The End” – “Something Is Near!”

January 2015 “Signs Of The End” – “Something Is Near!”



The brand new video below just released by ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE gives us all of the latest “signs of the end” from around the world via mainstream media reports for the month of January of 2015. For those who see the signs unfolding, this video provides more proof through manmade and natural events that something is near as we seem to be watching the unfolding of  prophecy when watched through the eyes of time.

All across our planet, from raging widespread fires in Australia to devastating mudslides in Washington, to Ebola returning to America to more ‘Earth changes’ across the world, is this video proof that something huge is ready to happen or just ‘normal’ signs of change upon our planet Earth? This is part 22 in a series of videos from our videographer and the signs we’ve watched unfold through his excellent work continue unabated…