Illuminati’s secret bank that controls the world

Illuminati’s secret bank that controls the world


There has been widely published about the Rothschilds and the Fed, but for many the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) remains, a rather abstract concept. The meetings of the BIS show many similarities with the secret Bilderberg conferences.

“As long as I control the money supply of a country, it does not matter to me who makes the laws.” – Amschel Rothschild

The winners of the First World War in 1924 appointed a committee of international bankers. Results from this committee came the idea to create an umbrella organization to regulate the German reparations and incalculable.

The existence of the BIS was formalized in The Hague (The Netherlands) on January 20, 1930. The headquarters was put in Basel. The BIS operates exclusively for central banks and does not work for individuals or companies.

The American politician Henry Morgenthau called the BIS ‘a symbol of helpfulness to the Nazis. ” When World War II broke out on the board of this bank include directors: boss of IG Farben, Hermann Schmitz, Nazi sympathizer Kurt von Schroeder and President of the Reichsbank Walther Funk.

Nazi gold

British journalist Adam Lebor comes in his book The Tower of Basel to the conclusion that the BIS is the most secretive financial institution in the world. The BIS is the bank of central bankers, and is also called ‘the financial Vatican’.

The BIS is literally untouchable. The Swiss authorities can not interfere with the bank. The bank was involved in important events, but generally gets little attention.

Under the American Thomas McKittrick, between 1940 and 1946 president of the bank, Nazi gold was accepted, was acted with the Reichsbank and became the bank by both the Allies and the Nazis used as a secret contact.

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