There are more and more pop stars who use the symbolism of the Illuminati. For example, on the last album of Madonna ‘Rebel Heart’ the song ‘Illuminati’.

Madonna researched about the real Illuminati and wrote the song. Lyrically it refers to the Illuminati conspiracy theory, the Egyptian pyramids, the Phoenix, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Eye of Providence among others, with the chorus lyrics: “It’s like everybody in this party is shining like Illuminati”.

According to Madonna, Kanye West who produced the track had loved the melody and changed the composition as he found best suited. It’s not about Jay-Z and Beyonce, not pentagrams or magic what she sings. No, it’s all about ‘Truth and the Light.

It’s a hype to use the symbols of the Illuminati. In a video clip of singer Rihanna she used for example the phrase “Princess of the Illuminati ‘, she inspires the conspiracy theorists.

The most famous symbol of the Illuminati is the all-seeing eye. Madonna also sings “The All-Seeing Eye is watching tonight.” The Freemasonry use this old picture for a very long time.

Let’s not forget Beyonce the booty shaking baphomet bed bug bacteria infested bimbo babylonian blasphemous blood-sucking beastly bottom feeding birdbrain bohemian blister Illuminati-whore who crossed the line at the Grammies, Quote: “Take My Hand Lucifer?”

The Illuminati (Latin for ‘enlightened’) consists of secret societies like the Freemasonry. The oldest of these is the Spanish Society Alumbrados (relieve). Since the sixteenth century this group was working on the interior life and mysticism. For more information about the Illuminati read my article ‘What is the Illuminati‘ for beginners.

Better known is the Bavarian Illuminati, which is mentioned in the book “Foucault’s Pendulum” by Umberto Eco. This secret society began on May 1, 1776, when Adam Weishaupt founded his order in Ingolstadt.

In “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown, the Illuminati is a terrorist organization that wants to destroy the Vatican. Conspiracy theorists see the Illuminati as the founder of the New World Order, who would like to gain power over the world. A study by Quest recently found that 20 percent of people believe that there is a secret society, the Illuminati, pursuing world domination.

The Dutch rapper Mo$heb typifies the Illuminati as terrorists who should be killed. He wrote:

Greatest weapon is the media. They spread lies through the media. People believe what they hear, humanity is lost. Terrorists, is how they treat us. The world is held stupid. All wily are those who sit in the cell. The world is run by those who print the money.

Illuminati symbolism in music videos

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