Greek government sprays mind-controlling Chemtrails over population

Greek government sprays mind-controlling Chemtrails over population


Greek government sprays mind-controlling Chemtrails over population. On Wednesday, the Greek Prime Minister Tsipras met Russian President Putin. The Greek Prime Minister assiduous search for allies and capital with the Russians, including talking about the export of food. The Greeks are attracting more and more toward Russia.

The appointment of the cabinet Tsipras made a new course of Greece in relation to the EU and other European institutions, especially in the area of ​​financial cutbacks. Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis played a key role here.

Europe is governed by German neo-Nazis

Less well known is Panos Kammenos, Greek Defense Minister who has said that Greece has’ stunning evidence “that supports his claims on billions in reparations for the German occupation in World War II. The evidence consists of reports from the US military about the war on Greek’s private and state property.

The founder of the Independent Greeks therefore has sharpen the relationship with Germany. Germany would owed the Greek individuals and the Greek state a total of 279 billion euros . Prior to his appointment as Minister Kammenos stated already that Europe is currently ruled by German neo-Nazis. “

The defense minister is currently very popular. A poll of a university in Macedonia showed that the popularity of Kammenos between January and April increased by 23 percent. Moreover, the minister maintains good relations with the Russians.


Kammenos also engaged in conspiracy theories, which in Greece is a broad basis. He claims that the government is spraying the Greek population from aircraft with a mind-controlling substance.

He never intended to exclude this, that’s how he got his nickname the supporters of his party gave him ‘psekasmenoi‘ (sprayed one).

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