Grand Lodge of Russia

Grand Lodge of Russia


Freemasonry in Russia has a really rich history. It is the heritage of Russia, and world Masonry, as well.

Since the start of the Russian Masonry during the reign of Peter the Great and up to now, Russian Masons have made valuable contributions to Russian and world culture, the spiritual evolution of mankind, the perception of a Human’s place on the Earth under the God, the growth and development, the maturing of the society. The spiritual ideals of Noble and Ethical society, Freedom, Brotherhood, Equality, Faith, – have always been the ideals of our Brethren. Russian Masonry has always been trying to “take a good man and make him better”, to make Masons – the men possessing a strong belief in God, of high moral values.

Continuously, during all its history, Russian Masonry has evolved as a part of the Whole – the Freemasonry. Deep and friendly relations with our Brethren from Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and other countries have always been characteristic of Russian Masons. Visiting our meetings, exchanging new ideas and literature, helping in the organization of new Lodges, foreign Brethren took part in the activities of the Russian Masonry. Of course, Russian Brethren have visited the meetings of European and American Lodges, took part in Masonic activities since the Willhelmsbad Convention up to the present time. And now, our foreign Brethren take part in the meetings of our Lodges, when staying in Russia. We are always delighted to see them.