Exclusive: American Honda responds to Civic Type R rumors

Exclusive: American Honda responds to Civic Type R rumors

2015_Honda-Civic_Type _R
With persistent ongoing rumors of a Honda Type R destined for North America once again circulating the internet, we thought we’d check in with our source at American Honda Motor Company for an answer or two.

Without question Honda fans would like the opportunity to purchase the British manufactured 2015 Honda Type R, or something like it. As reported by TorqueNews earlier in 2014, the 4th generation Civic Type R when it hits the streets of Europe will arguably be the baddest out of the box Honda-Sport built to date. Problem is ‘Type R’ doesn’t swim and it most likely doesn’t meet stringent U.S. safety and EPA emission standards; it’s a “regional market” thing.

Once again rumors of a Type R or at the least, a Civic-Sport variant equipped with the coveted 2.0 Liter high output Turbocharged “EarthDreams” mill is circulating the internet. This time thanks to a speculative piece published through Spanish site M&R, dreams of Type R realities dance through one’s head like rum soaked sugar plumbs at a New Year’s eve party.

We talk to Chris Martin of American Honda

When I asked Chris to confirm this latest round of Type R rumors, he told me I wouldn’t like his answer. Fair enough, Chris know’s I’m a Honda aficionado on the hunt for substantiation of statement; Chris only knows what he knows…

According to P.R. guy Chris Martin: While Honda certainly does hold a Turbocharged 2.0 Liter “EarthDreams” engine in it’s world- engine arsenal, no plans for the sale of, or inclusion of the 2.0 Liter Turbo is (currently) scheduled as an option for any Honda car or light trucks manufactured in or imported to the U.S..

Furthermore, any news of a pending product modification, option or introduction of a new car model to U.S. markets prior to an official announcement from Honda Motors should be considered nothing more than a rumor. * He didn’t say no.

Here’s what we know: When we look to new technology in automotive propulsion engineering, supercharging or turbocharging is currently the most fuel efficient and lowest emissions method of producing exceptional mid range torque and high rpm horsepower from a small block engine.

Also, due to higher running temperatures and recirculated exhaust gases, today’s turbocharged engines are on path to low to zero exhaust emissions. Thanks to today’s light alloy engine components and extreme low friction piston to cylinder wall interface, turbocharged high compression race-type engines now approach the life expectancy of a normally aspirated engine.

Also: When we look to gasoline hybrid technology a small turbocharged engine is ideal in reducing exhaust emissions while producing high torque in tandem with today’s electric motor integrated CVT driven sport-sedans and eventual high efficiency light trucks.

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