Electric Land Rover prototype tested in Wales

Electric Land Rover prototype tested in Wales



The all-electric Jaguar Land Rover goes off-road near Snowdon, Wales. Image: Wynn Owen at the National Trust

A prototype Jaguar Land Rover with an electric motor is being put through its paces by the National Trust – in rugged Welsh landscape.

The previously “hush hush” testing at the Hafod y Llan farm on Snowdon was revealed by the Trust’s environmental advisor for Wales, Keith Jones on his award-winning green blog.

Touching on the charity’s “Achilles heels” when reducing the environmental impact, Mr Jones said the “elephant in the room” has been its “small fleet of necessary 4×4 vehicles which are ever-present on site”.

He explained: “Think 4×4 and gas guzzling unsustainable thoughts some to mind.

“But think farming, moving stock, trailers, reaching far-flung off-road parts of the farm and a 4×4 is not a luxury but it’s the only thing which will do the job.”

Trialling the all-electric model is a step in the right direction, he suggested: “The nice new shiny and very silver electric Land Rover which arrived six months ago will be our first baby steps to addressing our addiction to diesel.”

It even appears to be outperforming the farm’s existing 4x4s, as Mr Jones told ELN the car’s “impressive… pulling power” is “much more” than the diesel ones on site.