Earthquakes: Urgent prophetic warning w/accompanying signs from God

Earthquakes: Urgent prophetic warning w/accompanying signs from God


I have an urgent prophetic warning with accompanying signs from God which prove His hand is on this word. The signs and wonders are found in the link to a different forum thread inside the youtube description of the video, please check that out to verify the supernatural nature of this message. This can be used as an evangelistic tool in the coming days. Please share it with everyone. The video I created is here:

**UPDATE** Someone asked me why this is so urgent. Here is my answer:

Many Christians presume it could be hundreds of years before Jesus returns to judge this earth. My point is, He is warning His people and the rest of the world that He is coming back very, very soon. That means we’re entering the last gasp of Satan’s rule. I.e. the tribulation.

It could be months, or at most, a few years. This is it.

In practical terms, like Jesus warned, stay awake, wake others from their slumber, share the gospel, pray for the salvation of your families and loved ones with great fervency, their eternal souls are at stake.

Christians should not be spending these last moments before midnight twiddling their thumbs and watching the world because when it’s all said and done, we won’t be able to pray, witness, or warn others anymore. We will only have our tears wiped away as God comforts