The Dirty Secret of Chemtrails and Geoengineering

The Dirty Secret of Chemtrails and Geoengineering


“Climate Change is going to kill you”

While scientists around the world contemplate future deployment of global sunscreensin the sky to save us from global warming, there is a raging debate online over a very visible problem: contrails.

Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management (SRM) advocates believe that spraying the sky with man-made particles will reflect sunlight back into space and cool the planet.  These scientists are planning. developing, modeling, and in some cases testingvarious geoengineering devices with intentions to deploy globally, despite the fact that it will likely kill many poor people. Surprisingly, no geoengineering advocate or researcher will admit what is obvious to so many: the sky is already being covered with blankets of man-made clouds.

From a public perception standpoint, you have a multifaceted group of concerned citizens collectively labelled “Chemtrail Conspiracy” fans, in some sort of Orwellian group-think nightmare.  Ask two “conspiracy” believers, “why is the sky covered in cross-hatched man-made clouds?” and you will likely get two totally different answers. No two people think alike and the day we all agree is the day we could all be wrong.

The predominate theme around the conspiracy campfire is that airplanes are already geoengineering.  They claim that “someone” added chemicals to jet fuel or attached spraying equipment in commuter and military aircraft to intentionally cloud the skies.  Even Mick West, the Darth Vader of the chemtrail debunking world, considered the possibility that these rumors were true.  When Mick posed this rogue-geoengineer scenario to Ken Caldeira’s Geoengineering Group, not one “real geoengineer” was willing to address him:

Is it possible that someone might be doing geoengineering, and we would not even know it?

In Alan Robock’s paper Will Geoengineering [with SRM] Ever Be Used, posted to the list yesterday, he says rather dramatically:

“Even suggestions of temporary geoengineering to relieve the most dangerous aspects of global warming will be met with so many of the above issues that there will never be world agreement to implement. I can imagine worse scenarios, including global nuclear war started in response to unilateral geoengineering implementation.”

But is it possible that a nation could avoid both the insurmountable obstacle of obtaining world agreement, and the possibility of severe sanctions over unilateral action, by doing it in a manner that could not be detected?

Given that the actual results of geoengineering would most likely be lost in the noise, is it actually technically possible to perform SRM geoengineering on a large scale in a manner that could not be detected? Or will all the possible schemes be impossible to hide, being either too visible in deployment, or leaving some tell-tale physical or chemical signature?

One could approach the question from two directions, firstly from the point of view of the rogue nation; if you were to devise a clandestine yet effective SRM scheme, then what would it consist of? Modifications to the nation’s domestic jet fuel? A secret fleet of spray tankers operating from a remote base? Ballistic big guns in the wilderness? Atomic bombs in volcanoes?

Secondly, from the point of view of the world community, if you suspect such a thing might happen (or even already be happening) then how do you go about detecting it? Unaccounted radiative forcing changes? Changes in atmospheric sulphur loading? If we get a moratorium on SRM, then how do we “trust, but verify”.

I think the question is important from a governance and global politics point of view, but it’s also interesting as a surprisingly large and vocal number of people actually believethat covert geoengineering is currently being carried out by governments.  See: Public understanding of solar radiation management, A M Mercer, D W Keith, and J D Sharp:

3.4. Conspiracy theories

One of the voices emerging in the SRM debate is that of ‘chemtrails’ believers. This small group believes that organizations, such as governments, are already distributing chemicals in the atmosphere for a variety of purposes, ranging from culling the population to mind control. We found that 2.6% of the subjects believe that it is completely true that the government has a secret program that uses airplanes to put harmful chemicals into the air, and 14% of the sample believes that this is partly true.

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