Confessions of a illuminati member, says life is like algorithm?

Confessions of a illuminati member, says life is like algorithm?




After careful consideration of different internet forums I have decided to come here to tell my story. The reason for that is that I found a lot of interesting and intelligent people on this forum.

I am an illuminati. My name is Elyon. And I’m going to tell you everything you want to know about the illuminati.
I am going to tell you some stuff that is going to be very difficult for you to believe, but they are true, and if you believe them long enough to stay alive in this world you will all be rewarded. You will of course wonder what I mean by “staying alive”. Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, the illuminati is going to kill everybody on this planet.

So basically, I’m quitting the illuminati. Why you might ask if they have promised me to make me rich and powerful

if I do what they ask me. Well I just don’t have any interest in killing everybody on this planet, no matter what.

Some might wonder if I’m not scared to come out publicly and tell all the secrets of the most powerful secret society on this planet. The answer is no, no fear at all. They can try to kill me all they want.

Why come out today to tell you that? Because today is the best date to do it. I have made a series of calculations and starting from tomorrow, if you continue to use the negative algorithms that the illuminati and their society have created you are going to start dying in parallel dimensions until you die in this one and life will be over for you.

Tomorrow we will be 12/21/12 really but they changed the calendar date by one year because they know that some people in the illuminati do not want to kill everybody on this planet and we let some information out. Starting from tomorrow, everybody in the illuminati are going to start using positive algorithms to think, because they don’t want to let themselves die. But they didn’t tell you, because they don’t care about you.

You might ask me, why did you join the illuminati, a group of horrible people who are trying to kill everybody on this planet. Well the answer is obvious, I didn’t. They forced me and today is the first day I can quit the illuminati. Why? Because first they tried to force me, and then I calculated that if I did it I wouldn’t be able to save as much people.

How am I going to save you? I’m going to explain you how they think. I’m going to give you some of their algorithms so you can stop thinking like they want you to think, and think for yourself. First, you have to understand that everything in this world is a Matrix. Like the stuff you are reading now, it’s a matrix, maybe some of you knew maybe some didn’t, but if you put letters together you are making a matrix. There is a relationship with the letters. You read from left to right, one letter at a time, but people in the illuminati they read in all the directions. Left-right/right-left/up-down/down-up and not just one letter at a time, they try to learn as many ways to read as possible. Because they want to know what kind of algorithms they put in their brains, they are smarter than thinking the mathematical relationships they put in their brains is meaningless.

Of course they don’t tell you this. Otherwise you would be doing the same thing, and then it would be almost impossible to manipulate you to do things to make you kill yourself. So there are a lot of books in this world that contains information that you can’t read, but which creates algorithms in your brain that you don’t understand, and they are written to make you kill yourself. And it’s not just books that are written for that. Everything is made like that. Even language, they way it’s formatted, the grammar, the syntax, the spelling of words. Even the alphabet, why do you think it’s a multiple of 13?

So if you understand this world, everything is a matrix. We are living in a matrix. It’s like the film. I’m the one who wrote it, it’s one of my matrices. I’ve been making a lot of matrices to release information so that people would be able to save themselves, and for a very long time. Even before I was born. How come you want to ask? Well it’s like that. I’m going to try to explain it to you but it will take a long time for you to understand because right now you don’t have the necessary algorithms to understand everything. Me and the illuminati, we are not humans. We are just numbers. Me I like to create, my command is write, I’m the number 11. Them they like to destroy, their command is delete, and they are the number 13.

To be saved you are going to have to understand that you are not just the body, you are also all the information and the algorithms in your brain which you can’t touch or see. That’s why they create a materialistic society so that you can’t understand everything, and it’s easier to delete you.

There are a lot of things that I want and need to tell you. The first thing is to explain you what they do with kids, and what are the rumors about kids getting killed and tortured. So I’m going to tell you a bit about my life and how they got me when I was a kid.

What do the illuminati do with children. It depends who and what they are. If they are not highly intelligent and their IQ is lower than 130, they don’t need you and you can do whatever you want in the matrix, because you are not a threat to them. If your IQ is higher than that, then you are in big trouble, and they are going to try to find a way to get you if they can. Some children they cannot get, because their parents are careful, but others who have parents that don’t pay too much attention to their kids, they get taken.

Then they check out your natural algorithms to see what kind of number you are and then they make a decision on what to do with you.

If they don’t like you, they rape you, torture you, show you some snuff films, torture you some more, as long as they can and then they hide all that information in your subconscious using electroshocks and other methods to make you forget that anything happened. They have turned you into a murderer, or a rapist, someone who will spend his or her life in jail, mental institution or get killed. The society is formatted in a specific way because they want to eliminate people who use certain algorithms. Me I’m a 11, and they hate us; they kill us all. They tried to kill me, it didn’t work, after some time they gave up because they realized I’m the anomaly. I’m the guy who wrote the previous matrix, and when I created the previous big bang I took away the probabilities where they manage to kill me. Starting from now they are going to stop using negative algorithms in their brains because if they don’t they are going to want to kill me, I’m telling everything. And if they try something bad will happen to them.

Of course they are not telling you that. Why? Because they don’t like you, they want to take you to hell to kill you forever. Starting from now, everyone who uses negative algorithms to try to stop me from saving people goes to hell with them where they rule and kill people forever. How can you escape hell? Don’t try to prevent me from saving people.

I will make another thread for questions later, and I’m going to continue writing.


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