Chris Matthews Takes Ron Christie To The Woodshed For Hitler Comparison

Chris Matthews Takes Ron Christie To The Woodshed For Hitler Comparison


On this Monday’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews let former deputy assistant to Dick Cheney, Ron Christie have it for his ridiculous analogy comparing President Obama to Neville Chamberlain.

Here’s how Christie responded when asked what he thought of the outlines of the Iranian nuclear deal which were just agreed to yesterday.

CHRISTIE: Well Chris for me it’s starting to feel a lot more like September of 1938 where Neville Chamberlain, the of course Prime Minister of Great Britain said the deal he concluded with Hitler was akin to peace in our time.

After his other guest David Axelrod took Christie to task for the comparison and just mindlessly repeating Republican talking points (which he was) and after Matthews went round and round with him on whether he even understood his history correctly to be able to make such a claim, Matthews let him have it.

MATTHEWS: I want to tell you something. I hope all of the people who make these Hitler comparisons, which are never apt, never apt, we should just doing that, these Hitler comparisons, five years from now, six years from now if this deal holds, will come back say “I said a lousy thing back in 2015. I compared this president to giving away Europe to Hitler. I will totally regret that the rest of my life.”

Like you guys ought to be embarrassed about the Iraq war and never apologize for that. You’re wrong, wrong, wrong over and over again and you never get ashamed of it and you keep making up the most outrageous things! Comparing this president to being in bed with Hitler is disgusting and that’s all it is!

Being a Republican means never having to say you’re sorry or admit you were wrong about anything. While I was glad to see the likes of Christie get taken to the woodshed for once as he was here, my question is, why in the hell is he invited on as a guest in the first place? They know all he’s going to do it lie and toss mud as he did here.