BREAKING: Hellfire Missiles BOUND For Portland Oregon, Obama Has Betrayed Us

BREAKING: Hellfire Missiles BOUND For Portland Oregon, Obama Has Betrayed Us

Serbian authorities are hurriedly investigating reports that two missiles were found in a plane headed to the U.S. It was a passenger flight from Lebanon to Serbia, according to the Associated Press.

The missiles were packed in wooden crates, says to the Serbian TV station N1. The cargo was bound to be shipped to Portland, Oregon. It was discovered on Saturday at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, according to AP.


A spokeswoman for the FBI’s Portland division said that the bureau is aware of the stopped threat, but it had no information at the moment. A spokesman for Lockheed Martin, the manufacturers of the weapons, say the company has not been notified about the issue. They refuse to answer questions at the moment.

no—there are Syria-related things ongoing in Bulgaria (open source) but even that can’t answer this. Prob stolen.

Hellfire missiles lock on to a target before they launch. One missile can easily destroy a tank. These missiles have been used in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

*** There is no reason that they are on a passenger flight or is there?

Local media is saying that the missiles are about 1.5 meters in length. They were packed and labeled as model rockets.

Let’s take a look back at a decision from 2014 by Barack Obama. Here is the story from the Associated Press:

The United States plans to sell 5,000 Hellfire missiles to Iraq in a $700 million deal, officials said Tuesday, as Washington tries to help Baghdad retake ground captured by Sunni militants.

The proposed sale is the largest yet of the lethal missiles, which the Iraqis fire from AC-208 Cessna Caravan planes and other aircraft.

That was a decision made by Obama’s regime in 2014. Where do you think these missiles came from?

Obama needs to answer for this. This is not the first time that our weapons and technology has ended up where it wasn’t supposed to be. (h/t Huffington Post, The Conservative Tree House)

Obama’s poor decisions are going to get Americans killed. Thanks for reading.