BOOM: Fox News Has Some Bad News for Barack Obama

BOOM: Fox News Has Some Bad News for Barack Obama


Liberals around the country were not happy to hear about the latest polling concerning climate change conducted by St. Leo University.

As liberals opened up their MacBooks and sipped their $8 coffees this morning, they were given devastating news regarding America’s trust factor on their go-to subject of global warming.

As it turns out, President Barack Obama’s latest attempt to push the issue has failed in epic proportions, with St. Leo’s poll showing that 11 percent of Americans trusted Obama as a reliable source on the issue of climate change, compared to a 17 percent of Americans who trusted Fox News on the controversial subject.

Adding fuel to the fire, the poll showed that the most reliable source of information concerning climate change is “non-government scientists and educators.”

Wait, you mean the private sector is more reliable than the U.S. government, which only scored a 13 percent trust factor? Say it isn’t so!

Even the mainstream media in general, combining news outlets and major newspapers, scored 33 percent, leaving the president in their carbon dust.

The poll comes on the eve of President Obama’s speech at Harvard Medical School, where he is set to outline the personal health “dangers” of climate change, including diseases like asthma and allergies — even claiming that personal injuries will be on the rise due to the alleged increase in natural disasters from climate change.

We’re assuming he won’t mention the St. Leo poll during his speech, for which we are actually thankful. It should make the speech about 20 seconds shorter, and we thank God for small blessings.

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