Bernie Sanders – 'When You're White You Don't Know What It's Like...

Bernie Sanders – 'When You're White You Don't Know What It's Like To Be Poor'

But this has to be one of the biggest gaffes in the history of politics. I’m really disappointed. Not only has the racial pandering reached a whole new height but Sanders is literally stepping on the demographic that he does best with. And the fact that some of his supporters on social media, especially the SJW’s, want to justify these words just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

First and foremost I’m both a Sanders supporter as well as a Trump supporter and practically anyone who isn’t propped up by the establishment.

I guess the people I see panhandling outside of my complex on a daily basis, which happen to be mostly white, is just my imagination running wild. I guess living out of a minivan for over a year while looking for a sustainable job was just a complete fantasy. I guess every time I get hassled by police for having tattoos and every time I get arrested for having a dime bag on me is just an urban legend.

Sorry, but I really felt the “Bern” on this one.