U.S. ANTHRAX SCARE – Pentagon Sent Live Anthrax to 51 labs in...

U.S. ANTHRAX SCARE – Pentagon Sent Live Anthrax to 51 labs in 17 States & 3 Countries By Mistake


U.S. ANTHRAX SCARE – Pentagon Sent Live Anthrax to 51 labs in 17 States & 3 Countries By Mistake

More than 50 labs in 17 US states and three foreign countries have been mailed samples of live anthrax, Pentagon officials have said.

The announcement on Wednesday doubled the number of incidents in the US. A smaller number of shipments were revealed last week.

Staff members at some of the labs have been treated for anthrax exposure as a precaution, but no-one has fallen ill. An Army testing facility in Utah mistakenly sent live anthrax samples without proper safeguards to as many as 51 commercial companies, academic institutions and federal laboratories, and that total is expected to increase, a widening Pentagon investigation has found.

Officials said Wednesday that the labs identified so far are scattered across 17 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada, Australia and South Korea, suggesting a systemic lapse in the military’s program to study and build defenses against biological weapons agents, including anthrax. The inquiry by the Pentagon and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the largest of its kind since letters carrying powdered anthrax were mailed to members of Congress and the media shortly after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The FBI ultimately traced the spores, which killed five people and infected 17 others, to a scientist at an Army lab in Maryland.

“There’s an entire network of labs dedicated to this sort of work,” he said. “But biosafety is of utmost importance. When you have lapses in biosafety, situations like this can happen.” The Pentagon and CDC began their investigation after a private laboratory in Maryland called the CDC on May 22 to report it had cultured one of its anthrax samples from Dugway and found live spores. The discovery came by accident, Pentagon officials said, because an inactive sample is not usually cultured. lab laboratory u.s. “united states” usa america science sample delivery shipment shipping mail biosecurity “hazmat suit” delivery post “u.s. post” postal packaging medicine 2015 2016 news vial “science lab” scientist protection prepare biohazard warning “breaking news” defense “self defense” test speech virus infection pandemic investigation risk work transportation “worldwide shipping” package “emergency supplies” military “elite nwo agenda” medicine hospital fema cdc ebola outbreak false flag attack end game bilderberg 2015 chemical movie illuminati symbolism prediction military industrial complex montagraph we are change anonymous young turks alex jones infowars rant david icke daboo77 daboo777 coast to coast am gerald celente max keiser

President Nixon ordered a halt to U.S. development and production of germ weapons in 1969, and stockpiles were destroyed. Since then, U.S. military efforts must be aimed only at improving defenses against a biological attack. It sounds like something out of a bizarre science fiction comic book, but scientists have weaponized the H5N1 bird flu virus, and are actually considering releasing the research. ron paul rand paul clinton bush cern ww3 china russia putin blood moon collapse september

When there is a major problem somewhere in the world, Barack Obama loves to show that he is “doing something” by sending a contingent of U.S. troops to the affected area. But is it really wise for Obama to send thousands of young American men and women into the Ebola death zone? What are our troops going to do – shoot the virus? The reason that it has not become an epidemic is due to the fact that affected humans are usually not very contagious. Therefore, altering the virus to become highly contagious is quite possibly the deadliest tweak which could be done. It seems apparent that these scientists have zero regard for public health.