Anonymous vows revenge for masked activist shot dead by confused Canadian police

Anonymous vows revenge for masked activist shot dead by confused Canadian police

© Marko DjuricaAnonymous group hacktivists are mounting a campaign to avenge a man “in a Guy Fawkes mask” shot dead by Canadian police in British Columbia on Thursday after being mistaken for a suspect. Cyber-attacks have already hit national police websites.

Anonymous said in a video message that they are willing to use “vengeance if necessary” to obtain justice for the shooting of one of their own outside the Fixx restaurant in Dawson Creek, northeastern British Columbia, on Thursday.

The statement described the masked man as being “mercilessly shot and killed … without provocation or cause” while protesting. According to the hacktivists, the man was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which is often associated with the group.

Anonymous launched operation #AnonDown in their video statement. Its goal is to uncover the name of the police officer who killed the Dawson Creek activist – “because the world has the right to know every detail about killer cops.”

“This RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] officer must be named, fired and charged for the murder of our brother. If we do not receive justice, rest assured there will be revenge. We call upon our fellow Anons in Canada to take to the streets and protest at the RCMP headquarters … until our demands for justice are met … We call upon the global collective of Anonymous to remove the RCMP cyber infrastructure from the Internet.”  

The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of British Columbia confirmed that the man was, in fact, wearing a mask, but stopped short of identifying what kind. There are allegations the police’s failure to describe the mask is deliberate, as social media reports linking the man to Anonymous are multiplying by the minute.

Investigators have since revealed that the officers were not sure exactly who the man was when they arrived, as he “never did come into contact with police.” Police insist the shots were fired because the man was armed with a knife.

The fatal incident took place as an open house concerning the construction of a controversial $8.8-billion Site C dam was being held at a restaurant. Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call about a minor disturbance and property damage there. A man had reportedly been flipping tables and torn down a stand about the dam.

It took police some time to realize they had, in fact, stumbled upon a different man, whom they wrongly took for the suspect.

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