Alien Discovery With Ronny Dawson (Video)

Alien Discovery With Ronny Dawson (Video)


N.Morgan Do you believe aliens exist? Do you believe that there are other planets inhabited by other life forms, different from ours? Is it possible for such life forms to really live in other universes or galaxies? In the video below, Ronny Dawson shows some very compelling and exciting evidence that there just may be life on in other realms. For the first time in history. Let us show you once and for all aliens are real. You will see the top side of a UFO Mothership and the creatures on it. This video is the culmination of 3 years of research and video enhancement of a amazing 7 seconds of video captured of a UFO over North Central Texas.The images here are real. The images have been run through filters to enhance clarity but in no way have been manufactured or created.What you see here is the actual surface of the craft and the mystery.

Contributed By N. Morgan