Air Force base locked down in Arkansas

Air Force base locked down in Arkansas [Updated]



The lockdown was just lifted, according to the base.


The Little Rock Air Force Base remains locked down on Wednesday due to a report of “a suspicious individual,” officials said.

Little information was available as to the nature of the individual or what prompted the lockdown, which began at 11:45 a.m. local time and has continued for more than three hours. The base’s gates were closed and people on the base were told to stay indoors or away from the base.

An accident response exercise at the base was scheduled for Wednesday, but it is not known if the exercise was underway when the lockdown began.

A spokeswoman for the base told the Associated Press that the lockdown was initiated “in the interest of protecting all base members,” but she did not provide any additional information.

The base is located near Jacksonville, Ark., just north of Little Rock.