7 points to ponder

7 points to ponder



1) So many religions, so many sects, they can’t all be right. What is important is not who is right, but whether they actually, not just say so, encourage men to be decent and truthful toward one another as humans.

Example: The Huna Religion of native Hawaii has only two laws:
Never steal or damage another person or his belongings and never hurt another person’s feelings
Contrast that with the fraud cloaked as religion by design to escape criminal conviction for fraud called $cientology.

2) The arguments between the religions are all between their prophets, and their editors, translators, book burners, inquisitors and demonizers.
The God is the same God.

It matters not whether you consider this to be, the great white spirit, Allah, the God of the Old testament, or the God of the New Testament, or the master programmer – the intelligence that created DNA. All real religions basically agree that truth is Gods word.

Note: Demonizers – the pagan religions or cults, that had multiple gods, in most cases, but not all, considered the different gods and goddesses of ancient times as faces, different aspects, of the one creator. If God were considered a perfect crystal with many facets, each of the ancient gods were faces of that crystal – representing different aspects. This detail seems to have been erased from history. The disciples of Mary Magdaline were called The Cathars. They believed that we should all care for each other, and care for the land, and never war with another man, and never lend money with interest (usury). They were basically the peace, love, back to nature hippies of the time. Of course, they were exterminated by the Catholic Church.

The old religions, all acknowledge the existence of angels, spirits, demons, or jinn and acknowledged that these entities were often messengers for and secretaries to God. Demonizing them gave the Vatican exclusive rights as messenger. And in our current society although it is acceptable to pray (talk) to God, if God talks to you, they call it schizophrenia.

3) I believe there is a constant transmission throughout all creation, that carries these truths, and that those who manage to silence their egos, and then silence the noise of constant thinking in their minds… sometimes can tune in to this transmission. For this reason any time one speaks the truth, it can be considered God’s word. I believe it is this truth that stands behind a man or woman’s conscience of what is right and proper.

4) That some of these prophets had better reception than others is no reason to go to war. That some of them should have slapped the side of their sets a few more times to get a better picture, is no reason to go to war.

5) Those that profit from lies, profit from war and have been using religion as a scapegoat to further their own PROFITS for thousands of years.

6) Those who profit from lies, profit from war and have been using RACE as a scapegoat to further their own PROFITS for thousands of years.

7) And Those that think they own us, seek to keep us at each others throats at any cost, rather than allow us to stand united at theirs.

arnie lerma