400 HP Toyota Supra Price Tag Stretching Beyond $50,000?

400 HP Toyota Supra Price Tag Stretching Beyond $50,000?


Toyota FT-1 concept

Following Toyota’s fallout with Subaru, the Japanese carmaker ventured to Germany and sealed a collaboration deal with BMW to produce their future sports vehicle. Now, the word is that this upcoming vehicle will be retail beyond the $50,000 mark.

The figures were suggested since the Toyota sports car is confirmed to come with BMW technology. If this is to happen, then the tentatively named, next-generation Toyota Supra will surely be the most expensive Toyota car in history.

Then again, car junkies can look forward to something extraordinary with the vehicle when it gets released to the mass market. Rumours are indicating that the next-gen Supra will be generating at least 400hp.

With Toyota selling the car at $50,000, one might wonder on how much BMW will sell their model for. Many believed that the Supra will be known as the next-gen Z4 for BMW and this might just suggests an opening price of $75,000 for the vehicle.

Of course, the Z4 for the BMW will come with more power and a drop-top. The Supra on the other hand will simply be a roadster model. Both cars are expected to make their debut in 2016.