The End 23 September 2015

The End 23 September 2015


When will the ANTI Christ ARRIVE? Watch this Video and you decide! What will he do when he comes? That is the part you may not like!

Jesus is coming really soon ! The signs are taking place everywhere exactly as they were prophecied. Major earth changes, extreme weather, apocalyptic sounds strange sounds heard worldwide. We have Tom Horn and Stan Deyo talking about new end times signs in the first two videos. “Researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn, discussed his trip to the Vatican observatory and accounts of portals or gateways to another dimension. Horn mentioned that Father Malachi Martin that the Vatican was aware that something was approaching the Earth.”

“The LUCIFER device, an infrared instrument used with the Observatory’s Large Binocular Telescope, can view deeper into space, and might be looking for the mysterious object Martin warned about, Horn suggested. The Vatican may be searching for a kind of portal in space, and there’s also a lot of prophecy about a great comet appearing before ‘End Times,’”